Benefits of Switching To Etisalat or 9mobile Self-Care

Etisalat 9mobile data plan
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Resolving your problem by yourself should sound interesting, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what the Etisalat Self-Care is all about. Etisalat continues to make life easier for her customers by introducing its self-care platform. This makes it easier and faster to perform account-related tasks. I don’t know about you but this is a big deal for me.

Etisalat Self-Care

Etisalat Self-care is a web-based self-service solution that allows Etisalat customers to perform some activities online. You can request some services at any time that is convenient for you. The Etisalat self-care offers 24/7 support and allows you access your account information in a single app.

With this platform, you don’t have to interact with any customer care agent to solve your problem. But you can also reach customer care directly from the app.

Not only can you access your account information, but you can also carry it with you when you are on the move. The Etisalat self-care app is called “One Etisalat”.

Well, you may not really appreciate this move as much as those who used mobile phones earlier when phones were introduced to the Nigerian market. You have to call the customer service for everything and anything then.

That’s not even the worst part, you will spend countless minutes on phone listening to annoying songs while waiting for an agent to answer your call. So, imagine where you have to call the customer service line twice a day just to resolve a simple query.

It wasn’t a particularly very pleasant experience.

What can you do Etisalat self-care app?

You can do anything related to your account directly from the app. Well, it’s not just an app but an online platform. Because you can still access your account information online without downloading the app.

What are the benefits of using Etisalat self-care?

  • You have access to your account information any time of the day wherever you find yourself. It is safe to say it is convenient
  • It offers you real-time information even when you are on the move
  • You can access it using any internet enabled device. In other words, what you really need is an internet connection. Where there is internet, you have full access to your account information
  • It provides you with an opportunity to learn something new
  • you will enjoy a lot of comfort and satisfaction knowing your account is just at your fingertips
  • It saves you time. Hence, you don’t have to walk into an Etisalat service center every time you have a problem with your account or inquiry to a make
  • You will not be charged any additional fee to use the Etisalat self-care platform
  • No need to text, dial or remember codes
  • Do you know that with Etisalat self-care you don’t have to pay that street vendor any money to retrieve your lost sim? Yes, you don’t have to. Everything is now in your fingertips.
  • The self-care platform is 100% secure. So you can relax, your account is safe.

With the Etisalat self-care platform, you will receive notification and get information on their best services.

Below I’ve listed some of the feature available on Etisalat self-care platform;

Services available on

  • You can manage your calls directly from the platform, activate or deactivate call forwarding, call divert, etc.
  • Have full access to your account information
  • Roaming and IDD
  • View recent promotions and not miss out on any important activity
  • You can check your loyalty status and redeem rewards
  • Have access to My Profile
  • Make Balance inquiry and manage both data and airtime
  • Activate data bundle, send data as well as airtime
  • View, pay and download postpaid bills

The app is available for download on Google Play Store as well as Apple Store.

How to register on Etisalat self-help platform

You should visit the Etisalat official website to know more about the Self-care platform. Usually, you may only need your phone number to register for the Etisalat self-care platform. On the registration page, enter your phone number and create a password. You are expected to enter the password twice to avoid any mistake.

After doing this, you can now submit the information.

A code will be sent to your phone to phone which you are expected to enter in a form field provided on the page. If you don’t get the code, click on “Resend code” and the code will be sent again. After entering the code you received, you will be prompted to fill in your personal information.

Once you complete this stage, the self-help platform is now available for you. You can log in at any time and do as you want with it.

But remember not to do anything that may put your account at risk, we all don’t want that. Another important thing to remember is, keep your password safe and don’t share it with anyone, to ensure your account remains secure.

If you have any problem with the registration, you can visit their FAQ section or contact their help desk directly from their website.

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