Turn ₦4,000 Investment To ₦100,000 Monthly With ATPays Income Program

Atpays income program
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It is a new day and this is the time to be smart and chase your goals. Are you looking to make money online reading news? Do you wish to start an lucrative business online with less than 3,000? Do you want to buy that phone of your dreams? Then join ATPays Income Program.

You can easily earn money on Atpays just for doing some basic tasks on their website.

Naturally, such tasks are logging in, sharing posts, viewing of posts as well as commenting on these posts. Typically, members get paid for every one of these activities.

This website is Atpays now Unigist or Propays and they are legit.

There are numerous students that have earned money from ATPays (now Unigist or Propays). And it is one of the high paying income program websites which are designed for students, those working from home, the unemployed and pretty much anybody with a smartphone to make money online from.

It also a good site for anyone looking to add this to their side hustle and watch their bank account balance increase.

Basically, if you like to read and comment on news on Nigerian sites like Linda Ikeji, Nairaland, NewsPayForum, LPV Forum then Atpays is for you.

However, before you dive neck deep into this money spinner, it is always good to check up on some background information about the income program.

What is Atpays?

ATPAYS is an online media that gives every registered member the opportunity to get paid weekly with their phone at the comfort of their house by reading news, commenting on news, referring friends, sharing sponsored post….

ATPAYS is a registered company under the corporate affairs commission that operate legally to cater for members financial instability .

When it comes to income programs in Nigeria like LPV Forum, NewsPayForum, NewsNaira… Atpays income program is one of the latest income program trending here in Nigeria. .

Being a student in Nigeria can somehow be frustrating, just because you don’t have money to spend on campus also when you need money for your immediate need.

Atpays income program was established to help student, youths, single moms and everyone else in making money online without affecting their day to day life.

Why should I register with Atpays and not any other website?

With ATPAYS you could be earning up to N1000 and more every day. ATPAYS gets her revenue from sponsored post from top notch companies as well as ads run on the website. The company would now in turn pay you part of her revenue on daily basis.

How Does ATPays Work?

Once you register and get your coupon code which cost ₦4,000 you will have access to participate on each activity on the site.

These activities include the following:

  • Daily login
  • Referring friends and family
  • Sharing sponsored post
  • Making reasonable comments
  • Reading news
  • Creating jokes and post

And for every single one of these things you do on the ATPays website, you earn money.

ATPays Withdrawal And Payout?

ATPAYS minimum withdrawal for activity earnings which is ₦2,000 but if you want to withdraw your activity earnings (creating post, reading news, commenting, sharing sponsored post), you need referrals to withdraw that as stated below.

  • 0 – ₦3,000 = 1 referral needed
  • ₦3,001 – ₦8,000 = 2 referrals needed
  • ₦8,001 – ₦12,000 = 3 referrals needed
  • ₦12,001 – ₦15,000 = 4 referrals needed
  • ₦15,000 and above = 5 referrals needed.

You can opt for withdrawal 2 times a week on Monday 8am to 10am or Thursday 8am to 10am once you reach the minimum limit.

See the top earners on ATPays as at time of writing this article.

3 people made over a million naira. That should be more than enough to motivate you.

ATPAYs Income Program Earning Activities

In this section, I will talk about some of the activities which you will be rewarded for doing on ATPAY.

Welcome bonus: Atpays reward will reward you with ₦1350 for joining the income program, this is once is lifetime.

Daily login: You will be rewards with the sum of ₦50 for login to your account daily i.e. ₦50 for one month is ₦100×30= ₦1500 monthly.

Sharing Sponsored post: This is one of the simple way to earn money with ATPAYs income program just by sharing sponsored post to your Facebook handle, sponsored post is once per day i.e. ₦200×30= ₦6,000 monthly.

Commenting: You get the reward of ₦5 for each comment you made on every post, there is no limit to comments you make I.e. if you make 100 comments daily which is 100 × ₦5= ₦500. For month is ₦15,000.

Reading post: You get ₦5 for every post you read on the income program platform, there is no limit to post you read this mean you can read up to 100 post daily which is ₦500 daily which make you earn ₦15,000 monthly.

Posting news and jokes: You earn ₦100 for posting news and jokes that gets approved on the ATPays website. So you post 50 news and joks daily i.e 20 x ₦100 = ₦2,000. Then you get ₦2,000 x 30 = ₦60,000 monthly.

Now add all of them and you have

  • Welcome bonus ₦1,000
  • Daily login ₦1,500
  • Sharing sponsored post ₦6,000
  • Commenting ₦15,000
  • Reading post ₦15,000
  • Posting news and jokes ₦60,000

Totaling ₦98,500 or rounded up to ₦100,000 monthly.

Referring : For every individual you refer to join the income program you will get ₦1,000 i.e. if you refer 100 people you will get ₦100,000 .

Get started with ATPays Income Program

Once you get to Atpays income program, start by going to ATPays the registration page and input the required info such as

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Coupon code
  • Referral Id – (automatic)
  • Referred by – (automatic)

The referral code and referral ID will automatically be placed there for you.

ATPays Registration and signup

Atpays Coupon Code and Registration Fee

Before you can start making money online with Atpays income program, you have to pay a registration fee of N4,000 for your Atpays coupon code. This money will be use to upgrade your account.

How Atpays Generate Their Income

ATPAY generate most of their income from various advertisements placed on their site. ATPAY decided to share some of their income with their members for promoting the site also for using it.

Including referral income and advert sales combining both to generate a nice revenue stream to pay it’s members for as long as possible.

When Atpays Income Program Pays It’s Members

Atpays offer a simple payment method to its users which allow individual to withdraw their money to their respective bank account 2 times each week.

Atpays pay every Monday 8am to 10am and Thursday 8am to 10am.

If you want to make money online in easy ways you have to try this amazing earning program.

What are you waiting for?

Atpays is one of the best websites currently that anyone can make lots of money in Nigeria.

You can either make Atpays your side hustle or a full-time job and watch your income skyrocket dramatically.

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  1. I really like was going on here. ATpays unigist is one of the best investments to happen to Nigerians.

  2. Am really interested . how do I get registered, someone is telling me to pay the#1500 for me to get registered

    1. Atpays (Unigist, Propays) is now N4,000 don’t let anyone scam you. Send a whatsapp message to the number on the article to get your legit coupon code.

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