Why You May Need Airtel smart VALUE Tariff Plan

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Airtel smart Value Tariff Plan: Make local calls at 15 kobo per second – make international calls at 20 kobo per second.

How was that for hitting the nail on the head?

Whenever we go shopping, we always want to buy goods or services that will give us value for our money.

Most times we go back home disappointed probably because we were not able to find such goods or services or the product might not be all it was mae up to be.

Many industries in Nigeria try as much as possible to give their customers or final consumers’ value for their money by producing quality products and rendering impeccable services while others, though have tried but still unable to fully satisfy the wants of their customers, like they say human wants are insatiable.

One of the many industries in Nigeria that tries to satisfy the wants of its customers is the telecommunication network providers (Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile), although a lot have tried so far in satisfying the communication needs of their customers, others have failed woefully and this failure can be as a result of the network to hold its identity or trade mark.

Whatever the case may be this post will discuss the smart value tariff plan that has been introduced by one excellent network provider in Nigeria.

Airtel as we all know is not new in the telecommunication industry, since its existence, they have been doing their best to lay a legacy and put a foot prints in the telecommunication market.

This network providers has introduced fantastic tariff plans that not only support its growth as new customers are now subscribing to the network but also becoming one of the strongest competitors of other network providers like MTN Nigeria and Globacom.

Airtel has yet again launched a revolutionary tariff plan called the Airtel smartVALUE. Before I go on, let me show you how you can make money from VTU business in Nigeria.

The Airtel smart VALUE is one of the best Airtel tariff plans currently and offers incentives, and impressive flat call rate.

Other mixed Airtel bundles or plans you might be interested in like;

The tariff plan is opened to both new and existing prepaid customers of Airtel, while postpaid customers of the network cannot benefit from the plan which is quite sad.

Airtel smart Value offers calls to other networks at a flat rate of 15 kobo per second with no access fee.

Airtel Images - Smart Value 15k per second calls

Also, customers can opt out of the smart value plan and migrate to another amazing Airtel tariff plan and also return back to the plan whenever they feel like – your choice and total freedom.

Another amazing thing about this smart value tariff plan is the fact that calls made to 5 different international destinations are charged at a call rate of 20 kobo per second from your Airtel line.

But if you need true roaming on Airtel, you will have to switch plans while you travel which will give you about 100 countries to call from or to at very good call rates.

List of the five international destinations includes are China, Canada, USA, UK land lines and India.

You can migrate and start enjoying this service by dialing *314#

Benefits of Airtel smart Value Tariff Plan

  • The Airtel smart Value tariff plan does not attract any daily access fee
  • Airtel Smart Value calls to all networks in Nigeria are charged at 15 kobo per seconds from the very first second
  • Calls can be made to 5 different international destinations which are China, Canada, India, USA and UK landlines.
  • International calls are charged at 20 kobo per second
  • The smart value tariff plan is available to both new and existing Airtel subscribers
  • Local SMS are charged at N4 per SMS
  • To migrate to the Airtel smartVALUE tariff plan simply dial *314#

NOTE: first migration to the Airtel smart VALUE plan is free, subsequent migration within the same month will attract a charge of N100 per migration. Customers on this plan are allowed to migrate to other prepaid plans and return back to the plan whenever they feel like.

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