Cheap Airtel calls at 11 kobo per second with SmartPREMIER

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Ask some people and they will tell you the name Airtel smartPREMIER sounds like a cold drink – and it is… along with much more! All for 11 kobo per second.

Telecommunication network providers in Nigeria (Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9mobile) often introduce tariff plans that their various subscribers can benefit from.

What are tariff plans? Tariff plans are charges that are introduced by telecom network providers to be ahead of their competitors and keep the networks regulations intact.

There are two types of tariffs, also called rate or price plans depending on terminology used in different billing system, the different tariff plans attract different charges, offers and terms and conditions.

Many subscribers in Nigeria usually get the natural sad feeling when their airtime or credit suddenly runs out due to high call rate.

This teeth-grinding issue has made a lot of telecom user’s subscriber to another network that can offer cheaper call rates like 15 kobo, 11 kobo or even 5 kobo per second as they feel their network providers are cheating them or just unnecessarily expensive.

Well I am glad to inform you that all networks in Nigeria, not just Airtel, offers calls at cheap rates well below 11 kobo per second like the 9mobile plan which offers call rates as low as 1 kobo per second – i kid you not!

Note: These tariff plans all come with individual terms along with bonuses and other kinds of incentives so be sure to read beyond headlines and titles.

However this article focuses more on the tariff plans that has been introduced by one of Nigeria’s finest network provider Airtel. Also, check out my post on how you can make money from selling recharge card and data bundles online in Nigeria.

Airtel has introduced a tariff plan called the “Airtel smartPREMIER”.

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Airtel smartPREMIER Tariff Plan

The Airtel smartPREMIER is really awesome as it allows Airtel customers to make calls at cheaper rate, specifically at 11 kobo per second… well after the first minute.

With this smartPREMIER plan, you can make longer calls with your Airtel linke even on a small recharge due to the really low call rates.

Migration to the smartPREMIER is free and allows you make calls at 40 kobo per second in the first minute of the day which applies to both local and international calls.

But calls made after the first minute of the day will be charged at calls rates as low as 11 kobo per second which also applies to local and international calls. That is a SWEET deal!

The Airtel smartPREMIER is quite similar to MTN pulse and GLO 11 kobo per second tariff plan which also offers calls at the rate of 11k/sec.

Like was earlier said, you can call some international destinations at low call rates on the Airtel smartPREMIER tariff plan.

Some of the Airtel smartPREMIER eligible international destinations are US, India, Canada, and China.

Another fantastic thing about this plan is that you will receive calls for free while roaming for up to 500 minutes per month and also get generous data bonus on every recharge for up to 150MB.

Airtel smartPREMIER Tariff Plan USSD Code

To migrate to this tariff plan simply dial *318# or send YES to 318.

Summary of Airtel smartPREMIER Tariff Plan

  • Migration to the Airtel smartPREMIER is free
  • Call rates in this Airtel tariff plan is 11 kobo per second, however, the plan charges 40k per second for the first minutes of the day
  • Free 500 minutes of incoming calls while roaming
  • The call rates and condition applies to both local and international calls
  • To migrate dial *318# or send YES to 318

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