All About Airtel Free Facebook: How To Start Enjoying It.

Airtel Facebook Plans
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Want to access free Facebook on your Airtel line and you do not have sufficient data for such? Or want to make a post without necessarily purchasing data bundle? Well, on this article today, we are going to talk about how you can access Facebook for Free on your Airtel Line.

Yeah, you heard me right. Free Facebook!

Imagine wanting to share an inspirational quote or send a message that requires little data and you will be forced to buy a data bundle to purchase that?

Even when you data bundle subscription is not on the weeks/months budget. Well, you needn’t fret anymore as the aim of this article is to show you how to do these little things even if you are out of data.

Airtel Facebook Plans

Airtel Free Facebook

Airtel Networks Limited is a leading telecommunications services provider in Nigeria headquartered in Lagos, the commercial nerve-centre of Nigeria.

The telco ranks amongst the top four mobile service providers in terms of subscribers with a customer base of more than 39.8 million.

The company’s product offerings include 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce and enterprise services.

Airtel has one of the fastest growing networks in Nigeria, thanks to their cheap traffic and exceptional services. Airtel Facebook Flex is one such service.

Well, Airtel in Collaboration with Facebook has made it easier for Facebookers to Surf and use the Site for Free on Airtel Network Its Simple!! Just Follow it easily.

Free Facebook browsing on Airtel Facebook Flex is new way to use Facebook and is available for Airtel Nigeria users. You can share, like, write comments, chat and update for free with Free Mode and you can switch to Data Mode to enjoy photos and videos.

You can also go back to Free Mode whenever you want! This service allows you to choose when to use data. You can switch on and switch off whenever you like. It also works when you do not have money on your balance.

Besides Facebook Flex, Airtel offers an avalanche of awesome services. Some of these services include Free Basics, 5 Star Pack, N5 Entertainment Store, Browser, GPRS Service, Mobile Newspaper, WTF Bundle.

Before I tell you more about the Airtel Free Facebook package, let me share a trick on VTU business in Nigeria.

Airtel Facebook Plans

Airtel Facebook Flex

Airtel subscribers can easily surf Facebook at no cost with only a little loss in functionality, Airtel Facebook flex is the magic wand here.

Facebook flex allows subscribers to access their Facebook chats, photos, and videos with little or no cost. It is classified into two categories; the free mode and data mode.

Airtel Facebook Flex Free Mode

This feature allows subscribers to browse freely on Facebook. Nevertheless, it is limited to certain activities on Facebook. These activities include;

  • Commenting on posts
  • Like comments in other posts
  • Chat with your friends on Facebook
  • Share photos, updates, and videos on Facebook

Airtel Facebook Flex Data Mode

You can switch from free mode to data mode to enable you to access other activities on Facebook. Switching over to data mode allows you to have access to the following additional features:

  • Check out videos and photos of your friends and family on Facebook.
  • Download videos on Facebook.

How to Enjoy the Airtel Facebook Flex

If you have an active Facebook account, you can easily begin to enjoy Facebook Flex on your Airtel line. To use Facebook flex, you need to open your Facebook page with the Facebook app or you can access your account via on you r mobile browser.

It is also necessary to switch on your data to get started on this feature. Once you are on Facebook flex, you should have a pop-up page showing “Facebook Free mode”, “Go To Free”, “Free Basics” and so forth.

However, it is possible not to see Facebook flex; if this is the case you should connect to Facebook flex by going to Bookmarks or Facebook Menu and clicking on “Facebook Flex”.

Airtel Facebook Plans

Halting The Airtel Facebook Flex

You can also opt out from Facebook Flex anytime any day. All you need to do is click “No Thanks” on the pop-up page inviting you to join Airtel Facebook Flex.

Similarly, you can switch from Free Mode to Data Mode by doing the following.

  • To access Data Mode, click on the photo or video to view. This automatically deducts your data and changes your flex to data mode.
  • You can simply return to the free mode by clicking on updates, liking posts, commenting on posts or trying to share your posts, photos and videos.

In summary, you can switch from Free Mode to Data Mode or from Airtel Facebook Flex to normal Facebook browsing with just a swipe or a keystroke.

So, with this you can clearly say that you wont have issue accessing your Facebook wall even when you are out of data. Lets hear what you think in the comment section guys.

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