Airtel Do not Disturb to STOP all Spam Messages and Calls

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In this 2019, meaningless, endless, disturbing, spam, unwanted messages on Airtel has to stop. Airtel DND – Do Not Disturb is your best friend.

Most at times, telecommunication users receives unsolicited and unwanted messages and calls, while some of this customers get annoyed and ignore the calls and messages because they do not know how stop these calls and messages from coming in, others calls their various customer services to make complains about this calls and messages.

Going through the process of call customer service can be stressful most at times as you do not get to talk to the customer service representative once the service code is dialed.

Dear telecommunication users, are you tired of receiving these unsolicited and unwanted spam calls and messages?

Customers can now put their minds at ease as they do not need to ignore these unsolicited calls and spam messages or call customer service representative of their various network providers, they can simply dial a short code to stop receiving the spam messages and calls.

It will be recalled that the industry regulator, the Nigeria communication commission (NCC), recently directed operators to give the necessary instructions and clarifications that will enable their customers subscribe or unsubscribe to a particular service, and one of such services is the unsolicited and unwanted spam calls and messages sent to various telecommunication users by their various service providers.

Thanks to NCC, customers now have the option to either activate full DND or portal DND. Also, learn how you can make money from selling recharge card in Nigeria.

DND meaning Do Not Disturb.

Airtel Do Not Disturb Service

All networks in Nigeria Glo, Airtel, Etisalat (now 9mobile) and MTN has launched the Do not Disturb (DND) feature which allows customers opt out of receiving unsolicited SMS and promotional calls.

The telecommunication “do not disturb” feature is of two types; the partial mode and the full mode, the partial mode allows customers block only certain categories of the unsolicited calls and messages while the full mode stops all promotional messages and calls.

Africa finest telecommunication network provider, Airtel Africa, is one of the telecommunication networks that has introduced the do not disturb initiative that allows airtel customers stop receiving unsolicited calls and messages.

Try the same with your other SIM – stop spam messages on MTN or stop spam messages on Glo, and how to stop spam messages on 9mobile because they all have the do not disturb feature.

The do not disturb feature is of two types, these two types of do not disturb has been put in place to meet the needs of users.

Airtel Images - Do Not Disturb

This is because the customer might find some of these spam messages and calls beneficial to him or her and wish to continue receiving them, so all they need do is use the partial mode do not disturb feature, while others might find all the unsolicited calls and spam messages annoying and prefers to stop all, the customer can use the full mode do not disturb feature.

Airtel Nigeria has unveiled a do not disturb service code which is in line with the directive of the Nigerian communications commission – NCC on unsolicited calls and spam messages.

This Do not Disturb short code gives you the power to choose if the want to receive the unsolicited calls and messages or not, you can also decide to continue receiving some.

The “do not disturb” is a self-service platform for subscribers to manage all promotional calls and messages sent to their lines.

SMS Code to Stop Unwanted Spam Messages and Calls on Airtel

The chief commercial officer of Airtel Nigeria, Mr. Ahmad Mokhles , in a press statement in Lagos, said that the company introduced the do not disturb service in compliance with the directive of the regulatory body NCC.

He urged Airtel subscribers interested in using the do not disturb service to stop unwanted calls and messages on Airtel network by using the do not disturb option list where a subscriber can pick and choose what to deactivate or activate.

Using the Airtel Do not Disturb option list, an Airtel subscriber like yourself should text “help” to a short code “2442” and you will receive a list of options from which you want to receive or block unsolicited spam messages and calls from Airtel.

And that Airtel subscribers interested in receiving information on Banking, Insurance and Financial products can send 1 to 2442, while subscribers are required to send 2 to 2442 to receive information on real estate.

Those Airtel subscribers interested in having information related to Education only need to send 3 to the short code, 2442.

Also subscribers interested in receiving information on health issues are advised to send 4 to 2442 while 5 should be sent to the same code for details on customer goods and 6 for information on communications, broadcasting, entertainment and information technology.

Airtel customers that wish to get updates on tourism and leisure should send 7 to the short code 2242, while users interested in reading about sports should send 8 to the same short code 2442.

Similarly Airtel subscribers interested in reading religiously based matters are advised to send 9 to the short code 2442.

The do not disturb feature which puts you, the customer’s opinion in to consideration will go a long way in enriching subscribers’ telecommunication experience.

The do not disturb service is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers of Airtel both old and new.

Airtel Do Not Disturb Full Deactivation SMS Code

Airtel subscribers who wish to opt out completely from receiving unsolicited, spam and unwanted calls and messages are advised to send “STOP” to the same short code 2442 for any of the services.

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