3-in-1 Airtel 6X Recharge Bonus

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Another good thing about this 6x Recharge Bonus is that you can access the 6x bonus multiple times

As Nigerians, we love anything awoof, especially if it is the one that won’t purge belle.

Most telecommunication network providers understand the fact that you can lure Nigerians with irresistible tariff, bonuses and packs.

And for this reason they are able to introduce brilliant tariff plans with many mouthwatering bonuses that their various customers can enjoy and benefit from.

These tariff ranges from plans with more airtime bonus, data bonus, cheaper call rates and more.

Airtel Nigeria is one network in Nigeria that has been doing amazingly well as they have joined other network providers like MTN and Glo in introducing terrific tariff plans.

Airtel 6x Bonus

Airtel’s 6x bonus has been on for a while, some might call it old school, but to tell you the truth there is nothing old about this recharge bonus as its offers are still awesome.

The Airtel 6x bonus is a bonus-on-recharge bundle that gives you six (6) times the value of your recharge for data, SMS and calls to all networks in Nigeria.

Prepaid customers need not worry because the 6x bundle bonus is available to all prepaid subscribers on Airtel. Read our post on how you can make money from recharge card business in Nigeria.

Airtel 6x Bonus Activation Code

Activating the Airtel 6x bonus recharge is very easy, simply recharge by dialing *555*PIN# and you will start enjoying the 6 times bonus value on your recharge.

In other words, the Airtel 6x recharge bonus code is *555*PIN#.

Before we go further, check out these multiples

Note: You won’t get the 6x recharge bonus when you recharge using the normal Airtel airtime recharge code *126*PIN# you will only benefit from the 6x bonus when you recharge using the *555*PIN#.

Another good thing about this plan is that you can access the 6x bonus multiple times by recharging using the code *555*PIN#, you can also check the 6x bonus balance by dialing *123#.

Note; if you activate another 6x recharge bonus before validity period expires, your unused Airtel bonus will roll over into the new bundle and assumes the new bundle’s validity.

If you do not buy another bundle before the validity period of the bundle, any unused bonus value will be lost upon validity or expiry.

Airtel Images - Airtel 6x bundle bonus recharge

One aspect of this bundle that is not so impressive is that the 6x bonus cannot be used to make international calls, ring back tunes or to purchase a data bundle;

Seeing as you can only use it to make local on-net and off-net calls, data and send SMS as well seems a little limited.

Most would recommend this 6x recharge bonus for Airtel subscribers who love sending bulk SMS to family, friends or business associates.

While the 6X recharge bonus is great, there are other Airtel bonus tariff plans that gives way more for it’s buck.

Unlike some other Airtel tariff plans, the 6x bonus is not separated from the main account, this means that the main account carries the 6x bonus. For example a recharge of N100 will give you N600 bonus worth of airtime.

Recharge bonus on Airtel 6x

  • Recharge of N100 will fetch you N600 bonus worth valid for 30 days
  • A recharge of N200 will give you N1200 valid for 30 days
  • Recharge N300 and get N1800 valid for 30 days
  • Recharge N500 and get N3000 valid for 30 days
  • When you recharge N1000, you will get N6000 valid for 30 days

Airtel 6x Bonus rates

  • LOCAL CALLS: on-net and off-net calls are charged at N40 per minutes that is 0.667 per seconds
  • LOCAL SMS: on-net and off-net SMS are charged at N8 per SMS
  • DATA Bonus: N100, N200 and N300 data bundles are charged at 3 kobo per kb while N500 and N1000 data bundles are charged at 1 kobo per kb

The 6x bonus recharge is available to both new and existing prepaid Airtel subscribers and is valid for 30 days

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