Ultimate Guide: Airtel 4G Data Plan and Full Coverage

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The introduction of 4G LTE has created an insane amount of satisfaction among smartphone users on the Airtel network.

One of the most pressing communication needs of telecommunication users when browsing is how long it takes for a simple webpage to complete loading. And if you are in a rush, the situation can go from annoying to straight agony.

Internet fanatics look out for two things when choosing a network;

  • Speed
  • Coverage

These two features can be the difference between a fun or frustrating day surfing the web. Because speed is vital and necessary for internet users as it allows them have an amazing experience on the net and get work or task completed quickly.

Coverage is also as important as speed because it would be difficult to browse in places or states that do not support your network in a particular state and in this regard, we will be talking Airtel 4G LTE.

As a today, 4G LTE on any network is the kind of speed but there are rumours of 5G being released in gadgets to the general consumer sometime in 2019.

MTN is one network that should be commended for their efforts as they have 4G LTE coverage in all states in Nigeria, while other networks like Glo, Airtel and 9mobile who have 4G LTE coverage in few states which leaves room for improvement in that regards.

There is more demand for the 4G LTE service as people has advanced from downloading low quality videos and documents that can be easily downloaded with 2G or Edge. On top of that, they took all night to download.

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NTEL were the first to debut the 4G LTE service in Nigeria and has since been paraded as the king of the 4G as other network providers like MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel follows the trend. Before I go on, let me show you a trick on how you can make lots of money from selling recharge card and data bundles online in Nigeria.

Airtel 4G LTE – Band, Coverage and More…

It is very disappointing that Airtel were the last to introduce the 4G LTE service as their customers expected this service long before now and they were the first network providers to launch the 3G service after which MTN, Glo and Etisalat (now 9mobile) launched theirs.

However Airtel still offers one of the most amazing 4G LTE services in Nigeria but falls behind MTN 4G LTE service which has larger 4G coverage.

Airtel announced their 4G long term evolution (LTE) on the 13th of February 2018; this announcement was made by Airtel’s managing director, Mr. Segun Ogunsaya.

According to Mr. Segun Ogunsaya, the 4G LTE service was first launched in Ibadan because it had in the past recorded many firsts in communication industry, he also added that Airtel Nigeria took time to get the technology right before launching it hence its delay compared to other telcos.

Airtel launches its 4G LTE on band 3 frequency 1800MHZ which is supported by virtually all tecno, infinix, gionee, nokia and xiaomi 4G enabled phones.

The Airtel 4G LTE service is currently available in Ibadan and Lagos and will extend to Port Harcourt, Abuja owerri and other major cities in Nigeria.

Even though the Airtel 4G LTE service is not available in every states, you can still enjoy streaming of HD videos, video calling, you can also download files at speed of 12Mbs and more in places where the 4G service is available.

The Airtel 4G LTE service works in the same way as the 2G and 3G service, the only difference is that the 4G service is super fast – like amazingly fast.

Airtel Images - Airtel 4G LTE

Airtel 4G LTE SIM card, activation and benefits

Since the Airtel 4G LTE service is available in Ibadan, those that resides in the state can get an Airtel 4G SIM card from any Airtel outlet or do a SIM swap for existing SIM.

The new Airtel SIM cost just N200 while those swapping their SIM for a new one will be charged N500, after buying the SIM, register it.

Once you are done with registering the new SIM or swapping it, insert the SIM into any 4G enabled smartphone and set your preferred network to 4G LTE, after doing this, you will receive a text message that you have been credited with a 4G trial offer of free 4G.

To check the bonus simply dial *141#.

Note; the free 4GB data is valid for 7 days. You will also get 25% data bonus when you purchase data plan of N500 and above for the next three (3) month. The data bonus can only be used on Airtel 4G LTE network service

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