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How would you like to make 10x in your trading account? Read my write ups on forex trading and cryptocurrency trading which covers everything from exchanges to bitcoin mining as long as it helps boost your trading returns.

Website Development

When i write about website development, i cover all topics including domain hosting, web hosting, CMS integration like wordpress, use of themes and plugins or even something as simple as website builders like Weebly and Wix.

Business Growth

I love to write about making money online and growing your business through digital marketing – from social media to email marketing. Be it running ads, social media engagement, increasing your landing page sales, boosting your email sign ups and open rates and much more…


What do you need in tech? Gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, best of the best in tech and geek devices including special USSD codes for telcos like data plans, tariff plans and so on. I have got you covered.

About ME

UI & UX Course

Hi, I am Michael MiPaddy one of the enigma in MiPaddy.com with experience in forex and cryptocurrency trading, freelancing, entrepreneurship among others but now I am just a passionate writer pouring my heart out on MiPaddy Magazine.


Forex 89%
Cryptocurrency 79%
Personal Finance 70%
Business Growth - Digital Marketing 85%
Wordpress - Websites - Website Builders 90%
Mobile Devices and Telecoms 77%


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