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Rumour has it that just like 9mobile CliqLite, 9mobile moreTalk makes the receiver pay for the call instead of you the caller.

Telecom network providers in Nigeria (Glo, 9mobile, MTN and Airtel) has always introduced superb tariff plans to meet the communication needs of their various subscribers.

This tariff plans ranges from data plans, airtime plans and roaming plans, customers only have to choose the plans that suit their communication needs. Talking about having more income, check out our post on how you can earn lots of money from selling VTU online.

One of the biggest needs of telecom subscribers is the need to reach out to their family and friends who might not live close to them, this is made possible by the introduction of new initiatives that offers more voice calls, airtime bonus and cheaper call rates to customer, with this they can talk unlimited with family and friends.

Have you ever heard this statement “Talk is cheap”? I bet you have, talk is really cheap in deed, 9mobile has introduced a prepaid tariff plan that offers amazing airtime bonuses to their customers which allow them make unlimited calls to family and friends.

9mobile moreTALK

The 9mobile moreTalk is that tariff plan that covers your call needs, this tariff plan also has some interesting features such as you and me, free weekly data and receiver pay.

The You and Me feature offers customers N300 when they recharge N200 and N100 when they recharge N100 on 9mobile moreTalk and this benefits is valid for 1 week and can be used to call five different 9mobile numbers.

The plan also gives customers who subscriber to it free 10MB data to browse weekly. The free data is given to you when you recharge at least N100 weekly,

9mobile moreTalk Receiver Pay

Another amazing thing about this plan is that it offers the receiver pay for call service, this simply means that when a 9mobile customer calls another 9mobile customer, the receiver can pay for the calls.

If you couldn’t care less about a receiving paying for your calls then know their are other networks in Nigeria which have robust tariff plans – cheap tariff plans like 9mobile talkZone with 1, yes ONE kobo per second tariff plan.

Note: These tariff plans all come with individual terms.

Also you can begin the receiver pay service on 9mobile moreTalk by dialing 268 before the number you wish to call.

…And Viola! You get charged zero for that particular call.

9mobile Images - 9mobile moreTalk

How to activate 9mobile moreTalk

If you have just bought a new 9mobile SIM, you can receive the benefits of moreTalk by dialing 200 and press 1, if you want to migrate to 9mobile moreTalk plan from an existing 9mobile line dial *244*2#.

9mobile moreTalk tariff plan also offers cheaper call rate.

The default call rate of the plan is 40k per sec which drops to 25kobo per sec if you use up N25 a day, and this call rate applies to calls made to all networks in Nigeria.

Summary of 9mobile moreTalk Prepaid Plan

  • 9mobile moreTalk has 3 features which are you and me, free weekly data and receiver pay
  • You get N300 when you recharge N200 and N100 when you recharge N100
  • You also get 10MB when you recharge at least N100 weekly
  • The receiver pay allows you make calls when you do not have airtime as the receiver will pay for the call
  • To enjoy the receiver pay dial 268 before dialing the number you want to call
  • 9mobile moreTalk default call rate is 40k/sec
  • The call rate is reduced to 25kobo per second when you make up to N25 call a day
  • New customers of 9mobile can activate moreTalk by dialing 200 and pressing 1
  • Existing customers of 9mobile can migrate to moreTalk by dialing *244*2#

For 9mobile Cliqlite, the receiver pay feature is simply a rumour and havn’t really be tested but if that is where your interest lies, you can absolutely bank on the receiver pay feature amongst others by migrating to 9mobile moreTalk.

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