10 Lucrative Online Business To Start With N100,000 or Less In Nigeria

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There are lots of businesses to do in Nigeria but profitable business with quick turn-around are hard to find. Today I am coming with 10 lucrative online businesses you can start with N100,000 or less in Nigeria.

Adding to that, I will connect you with real Nigerian experts with amazing success in each field that will hold your hand and walk you through it all from start to finish.

Commitment to starting a business in Nigeria is scary and if you have crossed that stage, then not being able to grow and sustain your business is your next fear.

Today, I am going to help you cross all 2 stages in this one write up on 10 online business you can start in Nigeria with N100,000.

What if you had 3 of these businesses in mind to do but are faced with all kinds of challenges.

  • Capital
  • Knowledge
  • Dreamer
  • Fear

You may have N50,000 or N5,000,000 as start capital but depending on the online business, it may just not be enough even if you a fully determined and decide to squeeze then pinch your way down to start the online business.


Which leads us to knowledge.

True knowledge is one thing most business owners in Nigeria lack. We simply buy an online course that tells us how to do x business online in… America which necessarily doesn’t mean it will work in Nigeria.

The whole point is what works in Nigeria when your target market are Nigerians.

One thing I realized early is getting the right knowledge from Nigerian experts who have been successful in that exact business, under Nigerian conditions is priceless.

3rd major problem is dreaming. We dream too much which leads to endless procrastinating – claiming to be a perfectionist, claiming to wait for x amount of capital, claiming to wait for government to do the community road first, Nepa must bring light before 4pm before I start, God if thunder strikes 3x then I will start… The list of excuses goes on and on.


Then the 4th problem is fear.

The fear of failing is a real ambition killer.

  • “If I fail, people will mock me”
  • “If I fail, I will disappoint those that believe in me”
  • “If I fail, where will I get money to do x”
  • “What if I’m not just good enough?”
  • “I already tried several businesses and failed”

Blow that negativity out of your mouth.


You won’t fail this time if you truly study hard because I will be giving you access to experts in Nigeria who have done it and succeeded with Nigerian strategies.

Quick story: Years ago, I wanted to start an online business (can’t forget the day, 26th of November 2016) but all I had was N25,000 which will cover the cost and I wasn’t expecting any money.

I was tired of making small profits left and right.

Worse part, I had 2 days to make my decision.

So I jumped in.

Guess what? I made N280,000.

Sounds risky? But truth is, I wasn’t taking a risk. I had studied hard on how it works in Nigeria.

All I needed was the confidence to begin.


The take away is, if you need to worry then worry about getting knowledge first because it will give you the confidence you need to take that “risk”.

Secondly, I will wake you up from that dream state you are in. One way or another, you are launching or growing your online business this week.

Whether it is just going to be knowledge gaining, applying a strategy you just learnt or simply writing your to do list.

You must make a major business move this week.

No more excuses!

10 Online Business You Can Start With N100,000

Listen, this list of 10 online business you can start with N100,000 or less in Nigeria is very enticing especially when you see how much these Nigerian experts are making in a short period of time but don’t get carried away.

Opening the success stories in all the businesses will overwhelm you with excitement (or worse, over ambition) and you won’t be able to make a decision on which business to start.


I suggest you select 5 of the online businesses you like, then narrow them down to 3 you know you are capable of doing.

Once you have picked your top 3, study the expert’s and gain all the knowledge you can from it.

If you follow that step, within a few hours, you will know which one is right for you to start with.

So, let’s begin with the list of 10 online businesses to do in Nigeria for N100,000.

Website Design and Development

I almost didn’t add this business to my list because there are loads of tutorials and paid courses online.

Udemy and w3schools are some of the most visited websites in Nigeria and their main links visited are mostly website design courses – php, css, html…


But then i thought to myself, when i was learning web development, i would have loved for a true professional to hold my hand and walk me through all the endless hiccups i got for years and will still keep getting.

My years of learning would have been cut down to months.

But if you can beat your chest that you are a true professional website designer, your average pay per simple corporate website is N50,000 while that of a well structure eCommerce website runs well above N300,000.

Meet Ola Samuel, one of Nigeria’s most sort after freelance website designer. He will be your new web design mentor.

Ola Samuel is a KarROX Certified Software Engineer (KCSE) who works for Nairabet and also a freelance website designer.

Click here to learn from Ola Samuel.


Instagram and Facebook Group Growth Hack

You see Instablog9ja, she charges about 80k per advert and gets roughly 20 ads per day.

N80,000 x 20 = N1,600,000
N1,600,000 x 30 days = N48,000,000

That is N48 million a month.


Instablog9ja has about 2 million followers and a good number of them are active only the blog daily.

Let’s be conservative here. Imagine if you get just N50,000 per day for ads, one client every single day.

I can bet that is more than enough to keep a smile on your face everyday.

If you have an instagram store, brand, you want to become an influencer or you simply want more followers for whatever reason, then don’t give up just yet because you too can achieve similar results.


You just have to know how.

Meet Gbemmy, an instagram growth expert who has helped over 1,000 clients achieve their desired results on instagram from growth, engagement to converting followers to customers.

Click here to talk to Gbemmy and learn how she does it.

And if Facebook is where your interest lies, then…

Click here to talk to Kachikwu David and learn how to grow your Facebook group without Ads.

App Development and Client Prospecting

Recently, i got a job offer to design an app. Of course, i turned it down. One of the reasons is i don’t know how and the second, i am quite busy.

But the funny part is, i didn’t submit a bid, proposal or CV anywhere. The client assumed since i can design a website then i can design an app.

Nigerian clients are rushing into the app market now.


There are lots and lots of apps, from the highly useful ones to the “less” useful ones. But why are there so many apps on something we can google like “999 facts you didn’t know”?

Short answer? Adverts.

Just like websites, apps can be monetized too and seeing the mobile market is hot right now, you can charge much higher prices for your ad spaces.

Imagine if you are an app developer – beginner or professional. This is your time!

If you are a true professional app developer and you are a master at prospecting for clients, you can stop reading here.


Meet John Obidi, an award winner and founder of Africa’s largest business community Headstart Africa.


John Obidi will show you how to create apps for all major platforms – Android, iOS, Windows and even Amazon. Nothing beats this!

Click here to learn from John

Copywriting Business – Marketing Intelligence

The level of financial freedom you have always dreamed of is in copywriting.

If you can read this and write this out on your own, then you are already half way there.

Have you heard of Fiverr, Upwork (former ODesk), freelancer…? Nigerians are flooding the space and for good reason.

One of the reasons? Due to the nature of the country, we are hard working. A foreigner can work for 10 hours, we can work for 20 hours.


Second reason? Cost of living. The most common salary in Nigeria is N50,000 a month (plus transport fare, feeding, clothes…).

But as a freelance copywriter, what a foreigner will charge $50 per hour, a Nigeria can easily charge $20.

$20 x 362 is N7,200.

N7,000 in our hour!

A client needs 10 hours a day for 20 days?

N7,000 x 10 x 20 = N1,400,000 a month.

But don’t get too excited. There are a lot of Nigerians that have tried and failed. Why? Because of subpar work.

These foreigners and even Nigerian clients with a huge budget are used to top quality and not just low prices but most Nigerians can barely hit the global standard for work done.


Well, i will introduce to you 2 Nigerians who easily hit the global standards for work done and either of them can be your mentor on mastering freelancing.

From acquiring the skills to acquiring clients even as a Nigeria competing with foreigners on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork…

Click here to talk with Andy Mukolo and learn how he does it.

Click here to talk to Uche and learn how he does it

Amazon Passive Income – Amazon Kindle

This is the total opposite of being a copywriter, in fact, you wont even have to be a freelancer to make money on Amazon.

If you already sell products on Amazon, that is a great start and if you happen to also be a freelance writer then this is perfect for you because you can write an ebook, publish it on Amazon Kindle and get paid royalties for life.

Like a share holder.

But what are the chances of you being both? Slim to none.

It gets worse.

As a Nigerian, you are already walking on egg shells once you get on Amazon as a publisher due to our reputation. That is one hurdle.


Cross that hurdle and the next is figuring out what type of ebook to write that will grant you royalties for life.

Yet another major hurdle, how to get people to even see your ebook published on Amazon.

From one headache to another headache.

Meet Gbenga Akinwole, your procold, panadol extra and alabuku all in one.

He has been getting passive income on Amazon since 2013 by publishing books to Amazon kindle and he is not even a writer.

Gbenga also spent N670,000 on different online courses on how to go about all the different stages which played a major role in getting him to the position he is at now when it comes to publishing on Amazon.

This is about 10 businesses you can do for less than N100,000 so don’t let the N670,000 scare you.

Click here to talk to James and find out how he does it.


Excel at Hot Product Sourcing

Quick questions for you;

  • Are you into dropshipping?
  • How about mini importation?
  • Do you have an eCommerce store or website?
  • Are you looking for ways to make extra income?

Then this is another business you can learn and start with less than N100,000 in Nigeria.

Don’t miss the point. It is not about mini importation or dropshipping, it is about efficient ways to source for hot products to sell.

Today, everyone is jumping into hair, whitening cream, bald hair cream, power bank business because we know they are hot products that people buy regularly.

Even as saturated as the market is for those products, people are still making big bank from them.


Forget Aliexpress, 1688 or even Facebook Ads.

Learn the real way professional eCommerce marketers achieve unprecedented success.

Meet Moses Uche, don’t let his age fool you. He is an eCommerce expert on hot products for now and in the future.

Other eCommerce experts, coaches, gurus learn from him then teach you with 2nd hand experience.

Mastering Google Display Network

Three things you will learn here

  • Targeting
  • Restriction
  • Optimization

And if you have ever tried Google Display Network, then you know those are your 3 bigggest problems in getting the right ROI (Return on investment) for your ad spend.


If you don’t know about Google Display Network, let me break it down.

You know when you go to legit.ng, lindaikejisblog or almost any other top Nigerian newspaper and blog, you see ads on them.

9 out of 10 times, they are from Google Display Network because almost every major blog, newspaper or magazine is a part of GDN.

So you have 2 options

Pay these websites individually to feature your ads – problem is you target everyone and their grandma.


Pay Google Display Network and get these websites and if you are skilled enough with the platform, you can target, restrict and optimze for to get the exact visitors you need.

Meet Ademiluyi Adegboyega aka “The Prof” who makes 3 – 5 million naira in verified sales monthly by using Google Display Network to run his ads.

He is an expert’s expert. That is not a typo!

Click here to talk to Ademiluyi and learn how he does it.


Affiliate Marketing Domination

For those that don’t know, affiliate marketing is referring people to buy other people’s product.

For instance, Wakanow is an affiliate, Uber and Airbnb can also be considered as affiliates. They own no inventory and simply make commissions from other people’s inventory by referring customers.

Same thing happens when you upload your products to Konga, Jumia and Amazon to get their customers while you pay them a commission from each sale.

Any list of cheap businesses to do in Nigeria, especially business for less than N100,000 without affiliate marketing should be discarded.

But know this “affiliate marketing is for everyone but success in affiliate marketing is not”.


Clears throat I think this one simply speaks for itself.

Meet Victory, a fellow Nigerian who has made over $200,000 in the past 2 years from affiliate marketing.

Ask any affiliate marketer and they will tell you, it is an easy business to start with less than N100,000 in Nigeria but very difficult to get reasonable amount of money to live by.

Victory has conquered the affiliate marketing business.

When you talk of experts, Victory’s expert should be spelt in all caps – EXPERT!

Click here to talk with Victory and learn how he does it.

Conquering eCommerce

Ecommerce is one we all know – Konga and Jumia. There are lots of eCommerce websites and shopify store owners in Nigeria, maybe even you too.

When you subtract friends and family, we all know how getting people to buy from you is far more difficult than it seems.


Meet Jonathan, he created a sales funnel then net him over N6 million in just 3 months from start to finish. Beat that!

He is also one of the best teachers on eCommerce one can have. Case in point, his students are achieving same success.

One of his students made close to N1 million.

And that is how mentoring or coaching is suppose to be.

Don’t just tell me. Show me , hold my hand and walk me through the whole process that will work for me from start to finish.

Click here to talk to Jonathan and learn how he does it.

Blogging – Perfect Blog Optimization

Would be bloggers and current bloggers, this is for you.

Linda Ikeji bought a house worth N600,000 or so and everyone fired up their laptops immediately.

Who else? Well, all the newspapers online and even the social media blogs are all making worthwhile income from blogging.

Even the much smaller blogs you have never heard of but browse their pages all make money one way or another. If it is ranking on Google front page, there is a high chance it is making money.

In fact, there are millions of blogs worldwide.

So how hard can it be?

After all, there are tutorials everywhere you look – SEO, domain and web hosting, content marketing, traffic techniques… Trust me, i have tried them all but the problem you will face is, others are using those same techniques and are likely doing them better than you.

It’s common sense, they used the same tutorial you read. Made the mistakes you will make, adjusted and now you want to outrank them? Tough as can be.

So many people start, realize this and give up.


Not Joe Okoro.

You likely don’t know his name but that means nothing, you likely haven’t heard of Lilian Aishat either but she owns one of the top Instagram blogs in Nigeria.

Joe was a secondary school teacher making N8,200 monthly salary till he threw the chalk away and picked up a keyboard.

Now he makes 6 figures monthly from 3 of his blogs.

It gets better, over 1,200 students he has mentored are not far behind.

Setting up your blog is easy, making reasonable money is the hard part.

Click here to talk with Joe and learn how he does it.



There you have it, my list of 10 businesses you can do in Nigeria for less than N100,000 and experts that can walk you through the process from start to finish.

If you enjoyed it, then kindly share on your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Michael MiPaddy
Hi, I am Michael MiPaddy one of the enigma in MiPaddy.com with experience in forex and cryptocurrency trading, freelancing, entrepreneurship among others but now I am just a passionate writer pouring my heart out on MiPaddy Magazine. Check the about page to know more about me.

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